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Go COMO fares are currently suspended for both fixed route and para-transit rides.

City of Columbia Official Coronavirus (COVID-19) information. Masks are required on buses and at bus stops.

Park & Ride Program

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Park & Ride Program?

In an effort to offer more convenient transportation options in the downtown area, the City Council approved an ordinance in September 2013 to provide a free, unlimited use bus pass to all persons, including city employees, who have purchased a parking permit in an unmetered off-street parking facility. Permit holders will automatically receive their free unlimited bus pass to use at any time and on any Go COMO buses.

 When do I get my free bus pass?

All permit holders will receive their free unlimited bus pass when they pick up their parking permit tags at City Hall in January. It is already activated and ready to use.

How do I use my free bus pass?

Your free bus pass is already activated and can be used immediately to board any Go COMO bus including the downtown orbiter, Black and Gold core connector routes, neighborhood routes, student routes, and Mizzou football shuttles. Just keep the pass in your wallet or purse and swipe it at the card reader at the front of the bus when you board.

What if I cancel my parking permit before the end of the year?

Each bus pass is linked to a specific parking permit number. If that parking permit is canceled, transferred or terminated for any reason, the linked bus pass will be deactivated and will no longer be usable.

Can I give the free bus pass to someone else?

Yes; however, we encourage everyone to take this opportunity to try public transit at least a few times. Even switching just one trip a week from a private vehicle to public transit reduces Columbia’s carbon footprint and traffic congestion.

If you do choose to give your free bus pass away to someone else, please remember that it is linked to your parking permit and the bus pass will be deactivated if your parking permit is canceled, transferred, or terminated for any reason.

 Where can I get more information about Go COMO?

You can learn more about Go COMO bus services by viewing the printable maps and schedules available under Maps & Schedules in the menu bar, as well as live GPS tracking of any active bus with an estimated time of arrival for any bus stop. You can also download the free DoubleMap app for your Apple or Android device and take the bus GPS tracking and estimated time of arrivals with you wherever you go. Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook for up to date transit information and alerts. You can also call Go COMO at 573.874.2489 or Public Works at 573.874.7250.