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Public Transit Advisory Commission

Public Transit Advisory Commission

PTAC is a thirteen member commission that advises City staff and council with regard to transit policy affecting the City in the areas of:
Alternative Modes
Accessibility and Customer Amenities
Pedestrian Safety
Equipment and Facilities, regarding regulatory guidelines and improvements
Surveys to facilitate public input
Marketing Strategies for community outreach
Other duties assigned by City Council

The commission is made up of one member each from the University of Missouri, Columbia College and Stephens College, with the remaining ten members appointed by the City Council, one of which must be a University of Missouri student. 

Each member is appointed a term of three years, with the exception of the MU student representative, who is given a one year term. 

Review the PTAC Meeting Agendas

How PTAC was established

Please call 573-874-2489 to speak with someone about upcoming public input sessions and how to get involved in the future of public transit.