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Bus Service Evaluation Project

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Visioning Session Notes & Comments

Market Analysis  

Comprehensive Operational Analysis

Bicycle & Pedestrian Walking Conditions Analysis

Transit Scenarios Engagement Summary 

Review the transit scenarios 

The City of Columbia conducted a study for Go COMO to determine areas of opportunity. The goals of the study were to:

  • Analyze and evaluate the bus system as it currently exists
  • Establish service guidelines
  • Determine short, medium and long range plans and alternatives

Through a competitive bid, Olsson Associates was chosen by the City to perform the study.

Progress As Promised:

  •  The Olsson Agreement  was executed on January 7, 2016. 
  •  February 8, 2016- the formal work began with the Technical Committee. Olsson delivered a Presentation at this kickoff meeting that outlined the goals, needs and purpose of the Project.
  •  February 11, 2016- Olsson began to request data relevant to the current transit system. Staff from the following groups provided the information:
    • Transit Division
    • Public Works Department
    • GIS Department 
    • University of Missouri
  •  March 4, 2016- eleven Stakeholder Meetings  were conducted by Olsson and City staff. Invitees to these meetings included:
    • Municipal staff officials
    • Business development (downtown CID, employers, economic development)
    • Go COMO drivers 
    • Transit providers, including para-transit 
    • Educators (University of Missouri, Columbia Public Schools, Stephens College, Columbia College, etc.)
    • Residents (Neighborhoods, apartment complexes)
    • Public Transit Advisory Commission members (riders and advocates) 
  • On October 11, 2016, Olsson Associates hosted a Public Visioning Session at The ARC in Columbia. Approximately 35 community members were in attendance.
    • The goals of this Workshop were to:
      • Build on the current data
      • Explore opportunity areas and other possibilities for the service
      • Define the direction of Go COMO
    • Meeting and discussion notes.
  • From October 6- December 31, 2016, a Bus Service Evaluation was available via online and hard copy at the Daniel Boone Regional Library and the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC). For more information, see the issued press releases: 10/7/16 11/9/1612/6/16
  • A work session was held on Monday, March 20, in which Olsson Associates presented recommendations and system alternatives for transit System Alternatives to the City Council. 
  • A series of public meetings to discuss the presented alternatives were held at various bus stops and City Hall on April 20.

Thank you for attending our public meeting.

Data collected and analyzed by Olsson is included in their deliverable documents, referred to as Technical Memos. 

  • Market Analysis
    • The Market Analysis is currently available. This document outlines Columbia’s land use, population, employment, travel and tourism, income and other characteristics that impact the demand of public transportation.  
  • Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA)
    • Go COMO and Olsson staff presented the COA to City Council at the October 17 meeting. 
    • View the technical memo.

View an analysis of Columbia’s bicycle & pedestrian walking conditions.


What’s Next?:

To keep up to date with the events related to the Bus Service Evaluation Project, reference this Project Schedule or join our emailing list!

This page is updated periodically.

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