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Go COMO fares are currently suspended for both fixed route and para-transit rides.

City of Columbia Official Coronavirus (COVID-19) information.

General Rules

In order for Go COMO to provide safe, reliable and convenient public transportation to all of our customers, please help us by following a few simple rules when riding the bus. Go COMO staff reserves the right to refuse service or remove passengers that are not adhering to these guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.

General Go COMO Rules:

  • No smoking, eating or drinking on board the bus (including e-cigarettes)
  • Liquids must be in a closed, spill-proof container
  • Vacate seats for elderly and customers with disabilities
  • Do not stand in prohibited areas or when open seats are available
  • Place large packages under the seat and out of the aisle
  • Strollers, walking aids and empty shopping carts must be collapsed and out of the aisle
  • Service animals trained to assist persons with disabilities are welcome
  • All other pets (not trained service animals) must be contained in small carriers
  • Do not engage in inappropriate or distracting conversation with the driver
  • All passengers must wear a shirt and shoes
  • Keep the bus clean and put trash in the trash can
  • Refrain from obscene or offensive language


If you see something, say something!
Please report any suspicious activity or unattended bags or packages to your bus driver or Transit staff immediately. Do not leave bags or belongings unattended on buses or in Transit facilities.