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Go COMO fares are currently suspended for both fixed route and para-transit rides.

City of Columbia Official Coronavirus (COVID-19) information.

Riding Tips

A bus is considered on time up to five (5) minutes after the scheduled arrival time.

Arrive at the bus stop early – too early is better than missing the bus.

Have your bus pass or cash fare ready before the bus arrives. (see Fares & Passes)

Bus drivers are great resources and are willing to help. If you need assistance, please ask.

Businesses located near bus stops are not required to provide restrooms, change or phone services to transit customers.

See more tips about Transit Safety

Getting on the Bus

  • Wave to get the attention of the bus driver so he/she knows you want to board.
  • Stand back from the curb when the bus is approaching.
  • Always board the bus through the front door.
  • Insert bus pass into the ticket reader or cash fare (exact change only) into the fare box. (see Fares & Passes)
  • Take a seat and remain seated at all times.
  • If you need additional time or assistance to be seated, please let the bus driver know.
  • If you are bringing a bike with you, please see information about the free bike racks on every bus.

Getting off the Bus

  • Pull the yellow cord above the windows once before your destination stop.
  • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • After exiting the bus, stand away from the road or on the sidewalk until the bus has pulled away.
  • For your safety, never cross the street in front of the bus.