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City of Columbia Offical Coronavirus (COVID-19) information.

Extreme Weather Events

All Go COMO fixed routes travel along first priority snow routes; however, weather conditions can change rapidly. When extreme weather impacts traffic conditions, Go COMO buses will follow all routes unless a street becomes impassable or unsafe. When extreme weather is present, please allow more travel time for your trip to be completed.

Go COMO will not cancel service unless City streets are impassable due to unsafe conditions. If service must be canceled, notification will be made on the Go COMO app, Twitter, Facebook, and reported to local television and radio stations. In some rare instances Paratransit service may be canceled when fixed routes are still operating on first priority streets.

When a tornado warning has been issued for the City of Columbia, the dispatcher will notify drivers to proceed to the nearest shelter areas. It is important that all passengers remain calm and follow the driver’s instruction to remain safe.

For more information regarding the Weather Emergency Schedule, please call 573-874-2489.


Warming & Cooling Centers and Official Shelter Locations