New Route Changes Effective Oct. 30


Emergency Weather Schedule

During extreme weather conditions, Go COMO buses will operate on the Emergency Weather Schedule. When possible, Go COMO will offer at least one hour’s notice before changing to or from the Emergency Weather Schedule; however, Go COMO reserves the right to change to the Emergency Weather Schedule at any time if necessary. Please allow more travel time for your trip to be completed. Buses will follow the regular routes unless a street becomes impassable or unsafe. Go COMO will not cancel service unless major city streets are completely impassable due to very heavy snow or ice.

When a tornado warning has been issued for the City of Columbia, the dispatcher will notify drivers to proceed to the nearest shelter area. It is important that all passengers remain calm and follow the driver’s instructions to remain safe.

More detailed schedules of the Emergency Weather Schedule will be posted soon.

For more information regarding the Weather Emergency Schedule, please call 573-874-2489.